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When children are exposed at an early age to extracurricular activities, there are many benefits. Some people remember having special people in their lives who encouraged them with their endeavors. Research proves that one key to promoting resiliency for youth is a positive connection with one adult in their life. Children need people along the way to encourage them. Everyone likes to hear something positive and the encouragement helps build up a child's self-esteem. Many people in this country believe a person can pull themselves up by their bootstraps, if they only work hard enough, but how many of these people had a little help along the way? Wouldn’t helping others be an ounce of prevention in preserving a person’s self-dignity? Would this increase the odds that they will have a positive outcome in their future? By helping others, we develop a feeling of community, and people no longer feel outside of the circle, because now they’re a part of something. Our volunteer violin instructor said, “I’ve never felt we are just cogs in a wheel going through life. By sharing, we give to someone else and we benefit from the experience. When I’m teaching violin, the kids make me laugh and I feel like I’m doing something important for them. We (volunteers) benefit from the experience. The best kept secret in Nevada County is the PARTNERS Family Resource Centers. It’s important to have a place like this in the community.” - Richard Stone.

How Can You Donate?

At this time we are unable to accept online donations.
If you'd like to contribute, please send a check, payable to PARTNERS Family Resource Centers, to: 
Nevada County Superintendent of Schools
380 Crown Point Circle 
Grass Valley, CA  95945

The 40 Developmental Assets, which were researched and founded by the Search Institute after surveying over two million youths from different backgrounds, are basic elements which have a great effect on how children and teens grow up. Found to be consistent among all ages, these assets help youth to be successful in their lives and avoid getting into trouble; they are the building blocks for a safe and healthy life, and a framework for helping parents and others in the community. While we all know the importance of food, clothing and shelter for children, we often don’t know the strengths, values, and qualities which build these assets for youth, nor how to practice these assets in our daily routines...
How does a person get started?
Please click here to see a list of the 40 Developmental Assets. Avoid working on more than one asset at a time, and avoid making too large a change all at once. If you would like to learn more about the developmental assets, please visit the following  website: When you begin using the 40 Assets, start with simple things, like complimenting your children every day for something nice they’ve done, or take the time to begin regular rituals such as seasonal outings, family game nights, or special dinner nights. Parents should spend time every week with each of their children. Turn off any electronic equipment and really LISTEN to them. Give them hugs on a regular basis, but also respect their privacy and alone time. 


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