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Second Step Family Guide Workshop:
For parents of children 4-12 years, the Second Step Family Guide is a dynamic and popular six-week workshop series that introduces parents and caregivers to important skills, including empathy, problem solving, and anger management. Soon, dealing with emotions, resolving conflicts, and solving problems at home will become second nature to entire families! These workshops are taught by SSHS Community School Liaisons trained in Second Step. Call our FRCs for more information:

Grass Valley- (530) 273-4059, Penn Valley- (530) 432-1118 x249, or San Juan Ridge- (530) 292-3174.

Circle of Security Parenting Class: (For parents of children 0-3 years old.) Circle of Security is a parenting program based on attachment research. This class will focus on helping you build a strong, flexible and healthy relationship with your child. You will learn about watching your child for cues about meeting his or her needs and how to recognize your own "blind-spots" that may interfere with this process. Create a more secure relationship with your child and learn how to support both sides of their security. Learn what "shark music" is and what to do when you hear it! Learn to follow your child's cues to find out what your child needs. Call Meg Luce, MFT, @ (530) 913-2745 if you're interested in taking this class. Meg Luce is a registered Circle of Security Parent Educator.




For more information regarding parenting classes, you may call Meg Luce at (530) 913-2745. 
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Triple-P Parenting is an internationally acclaimed evidence-based system of parenting interventions for families with children 2-12 years. Kids don't come with an instruction manual! Many familiar parenting problems have very simple solutions that can be applied with some effort and focus. This program can help you...

  • Reduce family stress
  • Become a more confident parent
  • Create an organized, orderly family routine with good ground rules that everyone knows and follows
  • Enjoy a more harmonious family environment

Our Triple-P Parenting instuctor, Meg Luce, MFT, is a Marriage and Family Therapist with a private practice in Grass Valley. She enjoys working with adults and couples to help them achieve their goals and deepen their personal satisfaction in their relationships and their lives. As a mother herself, Meg has an appreciation for the tough, but amazing, job of parenting.  She finds it very gratifying to work with parents and has done so in a variety of programs such as Baby & Me, Circle of Security Parenting©, and Cooperative Parenting and Divorce. Currently, Meg works with Partners Family Resource Centers as a parent educator for the Triple-P Positive Parenting Program & the Circle of Security Program. She is thrilled to participate in such useful and fun parenting curricula.

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